Brickpaving & Landscaping

   We offer a 1 year warranty on new hardscape (brickpaving) , tile , handyman work , carpentry projects for home owners.

                                                                                                GUARANTEE & WARRANTY POLICY:

_ Customer must present proof of purchace in the form of a signed contract from Gorilla Home Solutionns LLC if any claims are brought to our company to address.

_ All follow up maintenance was followed by the home owner as recommended after installation of Gorilla Home Solutions LLC.

_This warranty is only effective  upon payment in full by the customer within 14 days from the date of completion , final walkthrough and final inspection , and all additional charges resulting from change orders. Payment not made within 30 days will void warranty and will result in a late fee. If the final payment is not made in 60 days Gorilla Home Solutions LLC will  will add an additional 3% late fee every 30 days past due and may take legal action  against client to pursue payment. Payment schedules are vital to keep project on track so please be mindfull of this during your project and please contact us at our office with any questions.

- The original client must be the one making the claim.The warranty is non transferable.

- Timelines of the warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of Gorilla Home Solutions LLC( typically within  given photos and description of the problem area(s).

- Once Gorilla Home Solutions LLC has been notified we need 10 days to arrange a time to have the issues addressed by our company 

and come up to a solution in writing for the client to agree to and then it can be scheduled within 30 days to be addressed.

-All brickpaving repairs have no warranty as written on contract , Gorilla Home Solutions LLC is only offering adding slag , compacting

and re leveling due to the fact we cannot determin if previous installer excavated to the proper depths.